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Niche & Hot Series InvestTech (11-Part)

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 A predominantly new virtual series, Niche and Hot InvestTech Talks helps investors navigate this dynamic period by tapping into the perspectives of CEO/C-Suites Market Incumbents, Thought Leaders and Tech Founders



Over the course of the recent years, many economies invested significantly to fuel its Fintech industry that is expected to reach $310 Billion of Market value globally at a CAGR of 24.8% through 2022 according to Business Research Company in their Sept 2019 Report. In turn, this phenomenon growth has attracted attention from investors. However, with the trade tensions, Hong Kong’s controversial new national security law, Himalayas border clashes and other disruptive geopolitical conditions, climate change, COVID-19 pandemic, the world economy is in disequilibrium socially, financially, geopolitically and physically all in one sitting. The International Labour Organization estimates that 195 million jobs could be lost due to COVID-19 alone. CEOs are questioning how a changing global order will influence their investment approach, and what they need to do to lead their organization to success in turbulent times.


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Join us as we take a deep dive into some of the most niche and hot sectors, and talk to a range of CEOs/C-Suites/Thought Leaders of leading market incumbents and also the founders of Asia emerging InvestTech & Deep Tech companies on the outlook for their niche industries and market positioning and how being niche and hot can be the way to recession-proof and grow the holistic wealth of their investors that join them in their expansion journey. It is a mix of webinars and in-person sessions at 79 Robinson Road, CapitaLand’s new flagship project, opened in Dec 2020.


In Series 4 on Risk-Adjusted Investing:  Financial Risk vs Cybersecurity Risk, we sought the vieszpoint from a Japanese Bank Chief Risk Officer in Singapore on financial risk to watch out for in turbulent times, and to explain recent Berkshire Hathaway confidence in Japan from a risk perspective and share when taking more risk would pay off in low interest rate environment for banks. The Founders of Asia’s emerging cybersecurity companies will demystify cybersecurity risk including with cyber ‘defense plan’ and stress testing to fend off cybersecurity hackers.  



NH stands for Niche & Hot


NH Expansion is an independent advisory company headquartered in Singapore.  We advise on investment & fund related strategy in Niche & Hot (NH) Technology & Property.   

The Asian wide expansion know-how & innovative approach that NH Expansion brings to strategic expansion is what our clients ultimately rely on. We take strong interest in Niche and Hot (NH)  sectors which allows us to manoeuvre with market cycle.

NH Expansion founded the 11 Niche and Hot InvestTech Webinar Series.  In partnership with Bridge+, co-working space under CapitaLand Group, and supported by Singapore Fintech Association, Blockchain Association of Singapore and Singapore International Chamber of Commerce, NH Expansion gathers the best-in-class market incumbent leaders, founders and investors to discuss the niche and hot investment in InvestTech, FinTech, Deep Tech exploring frontier technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.   The first season begins on 11th June 2020.  

 Alternative Investments



We oversee on behalf of investors who wish to expand their real estate footprints through acquisitions, repositioning & asset management.  Our focus is on niche assets that has longevity in the demand market.  Coupled with experienced cross border and cross industry knowledge, we react in a nimble approach to counterbalance the illiquid nature of real estate investments. We leverage on our strong Asia network across key hubs like Singapore and Japan.



 Technology Investments


We are excited about niche and hot sector of InvestTech (commonly known as WealthTech) & Security particularly with ESG considerations and seize opportunistic moments to grow and manage balance sheet and topline by understanding the core intrinsic of every stakeholder and maximise potential of both investee and investors. 




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Relationships are interdependent & long-standing friendships with like-minded professionals are forged, achieving work-life harmonisation and resource efficiency.


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NH work along with appraisers, brokers, lawyers, domain experts and approving and regulatory Authority to make sure your expansions is collaborative and efficient.

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